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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Warning explicit lyrics...

Ever notice that when one of your crew members progresses and gets something that they are happy about people on the outside of the crew all of a sudden seem to have a problem with the entire crew? Too many lies have been told this summer behind peoples backs: amazing how one end of the year party can cause so much damn drama. If you have something to say to any member of the Old Section B just step up and say it but quit the petty high school whisper, whisper behind the back foolishness and be a man about yours. Or go home and nurse your sore vagina.

Admit it DUI you know when you found out what that dude has been saying about you that you just wanted to shout…

“My attitude was, "Fuck it," cause motherfuckers love it
To be a soldier, must maintain composure at ease
Though life is complicated, only what you make it to be
Uhh, and my ambitions as a ridah to catch her
while she hot, and horny, go up inside her
Then I spit some game in her ear, "Go to the tele hoe"“
--"Ambitionz Az A Ridah" 2Pac

It happens man, for some reason some peeps just don’t want to see others rise and be happy. It’s all good I know the “Klique” has got your back, let BD handle it. Worse comes to worse we will let Tiff at him, but this aint something we gotta get worked up about.

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Dr. D. said...

True words. Dem see you buy a kriss cyar weh you wuk rass hard a sell jugs or you tief it! Some people...I jus nuh know.....

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