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Monday, August 08, 2005

How sick is Madden 2006

Did I really just see that on sportscenter? There is an option to have President Bush play against Jeb Bush?


Dr. D. said...

Yow Cali J...Bush is President, so any ra$$ friggrey can gwaan!

Anonymous said...

hey man, i dont mean to burst your bubble (wait, yes i do), but you cannot play bush v. bush. it is only an EA gimmick, probably specially made for commercials and promotions. oh well.

aarond said...

Dont worry though I work for the company that makes Playstation I do not own a PS2 etc...and yeah gimmick or not, I think the graphics the set up the presentation (and yeah bush v bush was a trailer) is just crazy. I grew up with atari when the ball and the player were the same damn shape square

Anonymous said...

i hear you...intelivision here. the graphics were straight boxes- how they made a person running down a field catching a "ball" out of square boxes is beyond me. tricked your eye like some david copperfield shit though i guess

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