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Saturday, December 10, 2005

California code section 22...blah, blah blah!

Damn it…it is 3.30am I am making no headway in my studying (no surprise there) and I can’t sleep (wow ‘nother shocker). I have a neck so stiff it hurts to look to the right…would be bloody easy (easier than normal) to kick my ass right now, just stay right and jab. Only thing making this night go well is the fact that I just linked with a friend from the old days in the ATX (I love the internet’s ability to help us connect).

I can’t wait for sushi this afternoon, spicy tuna and some cali rolls with enough Wasabi to make a brother two-step. Yes! That’s the way to start any day of studying, and hopefully during that time the Horns will be kicking the Dukies ass!

Screw all the damn international airlines for reducing the weight of checked in bags from 70lbs to 50lbs. Dicks that’s an almost 30% reduction you assholes.
Mi rassclaut shoes each feel like they weigh five pounds…to the peeps I promised product that is measured in weight, your xmas gifts may get left at the airport in Jamaica when I try to return.

Sugar we’re going down!


SA said...

No offense, man, but the Horns didn't deserve to be in the same state as Duke today. They allowed 97 points! Jesus!

aarond said...

None taken, we are still a young team, not used to the bright lights yet. Why does it feel like JJ Redick has been playing ball since Grant Hill was at Duke...isn't it time that kid graduates?

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