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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Heisman Result

Another Bush has won a close vote!


Anonymous said...

Its good to see that after losing Vince Young was such a good sport about it. Guaranteeing (?) a victory in the Rose Bowl??? Not only unclassy given the venue, but in my humble opinion, very stupid. Not a good idea to light a fire under 'SC's ass. But hey you never know. They havent lost in 30 odd games. They have to lose eventually right Aaron? hahaha

aarond said...

Oh come off the high horse! He is a 20 year old Junior, who leads his team on and off the field. What is so wrong with him saying what many people are thinking? Given the venue? Are you kidding me? Some of those old farts were actively stumping for their teams during the ceremony. Hell the old Oklahoma coach was screaming for USC to pound Texas. People guarantee victories all the time, I just hope Vince goes out and backs it up.

Anonymous said...

Close? Hahahaha, there was nothing close about it.

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