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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

That time of the School year

Free hugs to all who don't even need to ask, if you come up to me and put your arms around me I will figure out the intent! GOOD LUCK ON FINALS ALL.


Anonymous said...

How about you just give me a firm ass slap and tell me "good game" after that cal civ final?

Anonymous said...

i'd rather have a hug about my non-existant job prospects come May 06. (did anybody else notice when they started at USD that our starting salary SUCKS?) am i allowed to bitch-slap the dean when i take my diploma if this isn't remedied??

Anonymous said...

Did you guys read the new Motions Newspaper article about how crappy the career services are here? If you haven’t, it is hilarious. Sure the article took some malicious shots at people, but I don't think any doubts that career services at USD sucks compared to other law schools, even comparable ones.

da roomie said...

Can I get a virtual hug? I'm sick! :(

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