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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Defending Rose Bowl Champs ARE BACK!

So of course I had to use a picture of burnt orange roses after all half the peeps in the stands at Reliant stadium were waving burnt orange roses. Now I aint saying USC is not #1, but the Longhorns are coming, coming. If you are betting on the game, make sure to bet the over because this year’s Rose Bowl might set records. MGM currently has USC as 6 ½ favorites over UT, that sounds about right, they are the defending champs and #1 in the nation. Vegas has been pretty damn good with the lines this year: They are in it to make money after all.

So let’s see the games ended 70-3 UT over CO and 66-19 USC over UCLA…so we know they can both score and their D’s stepped up when necessary. I do love pointing out though that the difference in our game is more than USC scored in theirs, but yeah they did play a ranked squad and we didn’t. January 4th will be a great day, wherever you are find a TV set…even you Sand Assassin.

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