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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Allergies, knockout drugs and foam

Now that my tube of toothpaste looks more space age than my camera I think I might need to get a new digi-cam. So everything in my bathroom is now foaming (except I guess my mouth thanks to that rabies shot) my shampoo, my facial cleanser, my hand soap, my body wash and now my toothpaste. How did we ever get clean before the age of foaming cleansers? I fear that marketing has over taken technology; I have this scary thought that in 2 years I am going to be told that all these foaming cleansers are bad for me and my bone density has been reduced.

So on my way home I had a massive allergy attack, you know the type that cause your eyes to gush water and for one eye to involuntarily close, I then started to itch like a fiend. I walked into Ralphs wearing a hoodie and scratching my neck furiously while looking around wild eyed – the poor check out clerk flashed me such a nervous look that I couldn’t help but sneer at her in reply just to add to the effect.

So now I am on 2 Benadryl capsules and 2 sleeping pills if I do not get a good night’s sleep out of this, the next option will have to be a bullet to the brain.

Note to my opponent tonight – though I may have initially screamed like a girl on first grab of the ear (unfair fighting tactic by the way) I manned up quickly and sat in solemn silence therefore I am claiming the victory.

Good luck with the paper Dub-C!

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Dr. D. said...

Hope the allergy clears up Cali J, and careful how you mix sleeping pills with Benadryl as well.

Whappen to you bredrin Shotta M? (AKA 6 Mill)....him dash weh the blog ting?

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