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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My azn dream team...

I want to see that movie Glory Road, if they have created a decent movie it should be awesome to watch because I believe that the game that the movie leads up to happens to be one of the most significant ever played in the NCAA’s it is hard to now imagine that starting a team of all black players was groundbreaking and shocking. Nowadays it is the teams of all white players that get stared at.

After all most peeps have secretly thought that certain teams had no chance to win because there were too many white players! Yes it is a somewhat non-PC statement but I know that when it comes to laying bets down and even just casual conversation an all white team is a scary team to put trust in.

I am placing my bet now that at some point there will be an all Asian starting lineup in the NCAA tournament, not the finals I am not going that far yet…UCI, Riverside or Berkley are probably our best bets.

So the plan for today is to hit Ocho Rios and try to not look like a tourist, which will be hard since the crew in di car is all foreign pickney. Sadly it is another event that I will be a part of and all of us Jamaicans will be students who study/work abroad.

DAMN I hate my insomnia, $6 mill, J and the Steppa fox and I were chilling last night after Martini Mondays, they were laying down tracks I was idling, most of them were dragging due to lack of sleep, I finally walked home expecting to pass out after all it was 5am. Nope! Got home tossed, turned, watched the sun come up finally fell asleep at about 7.30am woke up feeling refreshed so I swore that I must have overslept and it was like 2pm or something, so I jumped from bed ran to the living room, no one is home so the illusion continues that it is late, I start running around like a wild man (my parents need a bloody clock in the living room/dining area). I bolt through the front door to see if my car is available since I figured I would have to drive to Ochi to catch $6 mill cause he must have left by this point, but the cars are gone, bear in mind that I am now in my front yard in the ‘Brook running around in boxers and somewhat disconsolate so I head back to my room figuring what the hell I will change and walk down the hill to get some Patties, booted up the lappy to upload some pics to clear space on the camera and almost dropped the laptop in shock, the clock read 7.58am. So factoring in the running around trying to figure out what the hell was up, I had slept a grand total of about 20 minutes and now I cant go back to damn sleep…

“I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me” –M. Manson

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Dr. D. said...

Cali J...whats screwing wid you body clock so my yute?

Fret not 'bout being inna de yard inna you boxers, me dweet all de time.

6 mill still nuh let off de story pon us......

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