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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I am saddened by the fact that the Pac 10 peeps I have spoken to have started to whine that there were calls that should have gone USC’s way etc…fact is I had 2 blogs planned one that said we got beat as the title and would have just taken my medicine because that is how the game goes. Now that we are champs I am too lazy to gloat I am just so damn happy to see it happen in my life-time and would like everyone in the world to remember that all year long I have been introducing myself as “From UT the 2006 National champions” I am now opening a psychic hotline…need tips on how to find Osama just ask me.

Vince will never have to buy another drink in the great state of Texas!

In terms of competition this is the best National title games in years…down by 12 with less than 5 mins to go; teams going at each other with a vengeance; Lendale White ensuring himself some good NFL cash; USC getting stopped 2xs on 4th and 1; VY showing that he is the truth…TO ALL THE ASSHOLES who said Vince was over-rated look at this game and look at the last Rose Bowl and look at the OSU game how can u not think the kid is for real.

If Vince wants to leave for the NFL he can go with my blessing, he has gotten Texas something that we have not had in forever…thank you Mack and thank you VINCE…I can now face my brother.

To my parents, thanks for understanding and not throwing me out when I started screaming! I LOVE YOU!


Mike Brody said...

Congrats to the Horns, they earned it. But you have to give USC credit. I mean, three drives within the texans 30 and no points. Bush's inexcusable lateral. That shit took effort. And as for the refs, ha. You have to question why they didnt review what was such an easy call a drunken blind person could have caled it (Vinces lateral on the 10, yes, he was down). Like I said, Congrats Horns. At least one team gave us all a great game to watch.

Regardless, Vince is exactly what the NFL needs--another set of legs with a cannon. Because thats the QB of the future right? I mean, Culpepper and Mike Vick have won so many forget it. Good luck getting that NFL Cheddar Vince. You actually did earn it.

Lyoness said...

Hook'em Horns!!

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