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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bond, you know how it goes

U know I used to wonder how Bond could get all those cool gadgets etc, then it hit me when you are pretty much the main thing going for your secret service and u do the work of a hundred men they are pretty much saving money no matter how much they spend on your gadgets. Plus no price is too big to save the world from the evil Ruskies, China men, Terroristic Arabs, Iraqis, crazy Haitians or whatever group it was favorable that decade to blast.

I rant about this all the time so I have to add a new one: I hate these you could have this if and if and if and if you have this or this or this or this symptom…the latest one to get my goat is the diabetes ad that says your love life might be affected if you have diabetes and other similar illnesses. I swear I am now afraid that even the slightest sneeze will make me impotent.

Oh and I think I have RLS ‘Restless Leg Syndrome’ more on that…

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Dr. D. said...

Fret not my yute...nuff pill out deh dat can mek you stand firm...need not name dem...nuh wwan you get nuh whole heap o Google referrals to de site.

Interested to hear about the Restless Leg Syndrome!

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