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Friday, January 27, 2006

Instant bar review impressions

LIT made it hot again (ok so that is biased since I am LIT promotions) but I had fun. The bar was a tad small but the drinks were on point and I think all present had fun. I think peeps had enough to drink and I am gauging that on the fact that the Sand Assassin (if you do not know who the SA is you have not been reading the Cali-J) is now passed out on my couch and that I had a late night stuff fest at Santana’s with 9 other law students and some random girl literally picked up off the street. This one is for all peeps but especially for my boy with the above random chic ALWAYS use protection.

Random shout out to my secret…that move you pulled was wrong

I now have to type out  articles for Motions and clean my appt to the squeaky clean point since my bro is coming into town.

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Dr. D. said...

Yes rude yute, protection is a necessary evil!

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