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Monday, January 23, 2006

Another Jab at USC...

Ok I know, I am rubbing it in, but damn it I have suffered as a Texas fan for years so I am allowed to gloat a lil bit, plus everyone has been sending/asking or laughing about this email with me so I decided to post it. Apologies to anyone who might know this poor girl.

From an email (thanks Tina)
Cheerleading, tumbling lessons and camps since age 3: $30,000.
Annual cost of attending USC: $25,000.
Annual cost for staying just the right shade of blonde: $10,000.
Cheering when the other team scores: Priceless

Check out the faces of the other cheerleaders!!! LOL!!!!


Ashish said...

Hahahahaha! Reach for the sky Barbie!

nandi_pandi said...

From one Jamaican transplated in Cali to another...hello. By the way the Cali bar is do-able (especially for us yardies)

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