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Monday, January 23, 2006

Damn you Kobe!!!!

So I can’t let the Kobe 81 point outing go un-commented on. It is no secret that I cannot stand Kobe. I respect the kid’s game to no end, but I can’t stand Kobe as a person. The incident in Colorado notwithstanding (I think he was innocent – put himself in a dumb situation; come on who doesn’t get a love contract nowadays? Get them to sign that letter of consent and take a Polaroid or something, you cannot have groupies/hoochies/hookers/sluts or genteel women in your room as a professional athlete/celebrity and not make sure every thing is above board, she could be a nun once she enters that room, make sure everything is kosher) I think Kobe is selfish and a bad team-mate.

Was the feat amazing? Hell yeah, one of the best single game performances ever, not as good as Jordan’s flu game, but definitely above Nash’s 20+ assists games (barely). Main problem with it is that this plus the Dallas game (both games that the Lakers won) are anomalies of what happens when Kobe goes off. Is he single handedly carrying the team? Yes. Is he bad for the Lakers? Yes. As much as I hate him I think he is currently the MVP if the Lakers make the Playoffs (still early though). Thing is look at his 2 big scoring games, in the Dallas game he had ZERO assists and in this game he had 3 (as my roomie said “ 3 assists”) Kobe is a guard and he is having games of zero and 3 assists? It’s easy to just say that the rest of the team around him is just so sucky they don’t score when he passes the ball, but watch a Lakers’ game; Kobe passes the ball as often as Paris Hilton has a valid idea.

As I told J and Dub-c it is a wonder to me that a Lakers player has not been hit in the face by not expecting a Kobe pass, then again for the hit to occur Kobe would actually have to try to pass the ball to the unsuspecting team mate.

I really hope the Lakers don’t make the playoffs and that if they do make it they get swept so badly that it becomes and instant video on what not to do as a team trying to win a game – kind of like watching the Colts playing the Steelers.

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