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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Not ready for school

So I have not gotten back into the school mix yet. Rather than reading for class which I swore at the start of the year I would diligently do: I have baked cinnamon buns; finally started to unpack; thrown away a tonne of stuff; realized that I own too many damn clothes; stretched my ankle; watched a few booty shaking videos on BET; watched the Duke game; become worried that our Tivo will not record American Idol (for my roomie) since its not playing saved videos currently; and finally thought seriously about reading.

Cinnamon bun anyone? I am taking them out a few minutes early in the hope of keeping them gooey!  Damn our oven is ridiculously strong even taking them out a few minutes early was too late.

Seriously that guy on page 3 of Motions is a sexy writer! (yes it’s a horrible plug)

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Dr. D. said...

You bake dem tings from scratch? Respec due!

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