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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Quick recap...

Quick impressions of bar review last night…damn fun. On Broadway is still a bit too stuck-up for my taste (the whole you have to join a line to enter separate portions of the bar just annoys me). I am truly sorry to those who had to wait in line for what must have felt like an eternity – unfortunately the reality of the situation for any downtown bar is that late arrival (though for On Broadway even early arrival) means a fairly long wait in line.

As promised the Bar Review blog will have pictures by Monday I am just too lazy right now to comb through pics, plus I want to make sure that I do not post pictures that might cause embarrassment, as always If I have a pic of you up and you want it down just let me know and it will come down.

To the young lady that gave me shots of Petron…uhmm thanks!

To my bartender that confused my request for a vodka with pineapple as a request for a vodka triple…uhmm thanks!

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