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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Alabama Assholes!

A radio host in Alabama is telling people to boycott Aruba because of the missing young lady. That’s wrong: While I am saddened that this girl is missing telling people to boycott the island is wrong, getting angry that a missing American is no longer the lead story on another Country’s Newspaper is wrong. When people from other countries go missing here we don’t expect or want them to boycott us, and we certainly don’t splash it across the front of our newspapers. Let us not let our grief/sensationalism/apathy/desire towards results get the better of us. Update to the original post: The assholes actually want to blacklist the Entire Caribbean!!! What a pair of IDIOTS!


Anonymous said...

Why is there no boycott of Birmingham over the disappearance of a hospital employee a couple of weeks ago? Maybe because she is black!

Maria Elisa said...

The radio host in Alabama isn't the only one riding that train. Fox News is airing that trash every hour. I believe they were spouting nonsense about "keeping money in America." The woman also went so far as to say that Aruba is a crime infested island, commenting that for a small island they certainly have a big prison. Unfortunately there are some "Americans" that make the rest of us look like a-holes.

aarond said...

A letter to the editor written by an American who has a home in Aruba noted that much of the trouble caused on the island is by tourists and that the very bunch of kids that Ms. Holloway (the missing girl) was with had been a rowdy and troublesome bunch and that even the chaperones had been behaving badly. Note as an 18 year old kid and even now as an older supposedly wiser person I act rowdy on vacation, so people should stop pretending that the kids were acting like saints.

The Monkey Attack Victim said...

So by that token, I can boycott our freaking President for getting our troops killed EVERY DAY!

Yay! No more taxes! I boycott the federal government!

Shotta M said...

The propurted objective journalism of the media seems to be floating in a septic tank at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Well thats a stupid remark since Birmingham is ran by niggers anyway

Anonymous said...

you ass holes suck shit. pussy fagots don't have the guts to be americans and boycott aruba. I hope one of your loved ones disappear with the son of an arba judge so there

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