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Monday, June 27, 2005

What a locksmith!

I heard of this while driving into work this morning and didn’t think it was legit so I had to look it up, turns out it is legit – a man swallowed a key and then because the key was needed to operate his friends truck they took an x-ray of his stomach that showed the key to a locksmith and the locksmith was able to fashion a key (that actually worked) from the x-ray. How good is this locksmith?

There is an alarm clock that will attempt to wake you up using the smell of cooking bacon; the kicker is that there is actual bacon cooking in your room to wake you up. (It does make it easier to run that game about making breakfast for the girl in the morning!)

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Morgan said...

Very interesting story. Hiring a good locksmith is never cheap. But hiring a dishonest or incompetent one is always expensive. Once I forgot keys inside the car. And I called a locksmith and he said that will come in 30 minutes, but he came in 25 minutes. And I was surprised; because I thought that he will come after one hour, because locksmith usually has a lot of work. He opened the car in 5 minutes. So, the locksmith was very handy for me in this tight situation.

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