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Friday, June 24, 2005

Since when is Tom Cruise a scientific and health expert?

Damn it…I want to slam him as a crack-pot but I do agree with some of his positions; I do believe children and adults are being over-medicated; I do believe that often instead of trying to work with a child that kid is slapped on a prescription. BUT, I do not believe that because a mistake may or may not have been made diagnosing Tom back in the day means that the entire field of Psychiatry is pseudo-science!

Interesting interview between Cruise and a German reporter, reporter was one of the few that didn’t seem to be cowed by the star power of Cruise and Spielberg and I love how he calls out Cruise on the success of Scientology!

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Maria Elisa said...

Physicists have been calling psychiatry a psuedo-science for years now. They have a little more credibility than Tom Cruise.

Mr. Cruise had balls to say what he said even if he came off badly. Like you, I agree with many of his positions, but I might have used more tact. Wait a second, this is me we're talking about! Tact?

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