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Monday, June 06, 2005

Technology and strippers

It' amazing to me that there is now a disposable camcorder. Just like how you can drop off a disposable camera there will now be the opportunity to do the same with a disposable camcorder. By the way are people who take you out to party till 5am when you have have to get to work at 8am really your friends? YES, YES THEY ARE! I know the title here has stripper in it, but I am too tired right now to blog it, but I gurantee that my boy BD Tank the skank magnet,is hoping that I will never post the antics of last night but they have to be told to the world. So once I turn in this memo for work and get some free time the story must be told. Till that time my friend I advise getting some shampoo for your crotch and deleting that number.


Maria Elisa said...

I thought it was 4am. I think that I should apologize once again for getting everyone lost. We might have made it back by 3am instead.

aarond said...

You got home 3 am I had to drive home after that

Maria Elisa said...

It took you two hours to get home from my house? Did you get lost too?

Hope you sleep well tonight. You deserve it.

aarond said...

Damn it I should really review my comments before posting. You got home 4am-ish, I then had to stop for breakfast...and then headed home getting in right around 5am. Which led to the brief and fleeting thought of "I should just shower and go to work right now"

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