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Sunday, June 19, 2005

R U trying to get his ass kicked?

Ok so never before have I called someone out in my blog, and this is the closest I am coming to a direct attack. Tonight was initially a great night; my boys and I were out having fun chilling and drinking and all around just having fun. Then sadly drama had to occur: I am declaring it now, I am annoyed to the point of saying I cannot tolerate the drunken antics of S.W. and some of the friends that accompany her. To the idiot that called me from her phone at 2:38am in the morning and then was afraid to tell me his location: you are a pussy! I am going to assume that 317 650 0010 (Indiana area code) which is the number that you called me from is the number of a kid who is afraid! Prior to tonight I had basically put S completely out of my mind; unfortunately tonight at the bar I heard that I supposedly pursued her? What? Say word son! I will not air the sordid details of everything that has occurred between us, but let it be known that I did not pursue S.W.! I am of the frame of mind to place a bounty on her boy (the if you see him kick his ass type) – not because I have any actual hard feelings towards the kid, but because it’s just the way of the world; when your girlfriend goes around pissing people off; the guy generally has to suffer. I am not a violent person, I am not a thug (nor a wannabe), I kid around a lot and I think it has led people to think they can step to me. Just because I am normally such a kidder does not remove the fact, that at the core I am a proud Jamaican man and will step to anyone even if the odds are against me. To my boys: thanks for having my back and being willing to search for those kids, I am certain the 4 of us could have definitely taken those kids and; thanks to my girl T for being willing to provide the female presence (cause of course I can’t hit a girl but S.W. definitely could have taken a girl fight moment to straighten her out a bit).


aarond said...

Actually talking to W on the phone right now: I would like to remove any explicit or implied bounty on his head, I am still mad as hell at S.W., but I blogged about it got it off my chest and I am good! Basically as I said to him, the comapny we keep is often what gets us in trouble. If any of my boys gets in a fight I know it means that I am automatically in a fight; no matter what, we have to stick by our friends and that often will get us in trouble. His friend was an ass for calling me but W called and we hashed it out and it's now all good.

Anonymous said...

Maybe W will learn. What is it with guys that date stupid girls?

Maria Elisa said...

I got your back sweets.

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