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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Spelling Bee: Ya gotta love it!

So I love this time of the year. Not because I watch the spellng bee, because honestly that is a terribly slow and boring thing to watch, but because I love the highlights from it. I know some people think its a terrible thing to laugh at the misery of the little kids. BUT how can you do anything but laugh and stand in awe at the little kid that is told his word stares, stumbles, faints, gets back up and SPELLS THE WORD CORRECTLY. What I think is the best thing about it though is the utter lack of concern on the faces of the other kids around him (except for one little girl that walks towards him [I guess to help - maybe to kick him in the kidneys]). If anything there almost seems to be a flicker of hope in their faces; "Yes Lord, let him die so that I can win" Though at the same time I do feel a twinge of resentment towards Scripps-Howard because in 1998 a Jamaican girl won the competition (First Black to win and the first NON-American), Jamaicans were promptly banned from the competition, thus never giving the young lady a chance to defend her title etc. I also didn't like the lack of coverage her victory and exclusion received (though to be honest I kind of understand it, If I were American I would be pissed that a non-American won). Jamaicans were allowed back in 2000 after protests and adjustments to scheduling.

That girl that put her hand to her mouth after spelling each letter kind of freaks me out!

Quick note: Was it just me or did Jim Grey while interviewing Tyson during the SPURS VICTORY flinch a little bit when Tyson moved to say something in his ear?

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