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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Rocking to Britney - Oh the shame!!!

I think I may have to officially turn in my race card; It’s bad enough that driving in to work today I heard an ad for Kelly Clarkson at the County fair and thought “Hmm I should get a ticket” (For Kelly Clarkson???); but, the icing on the cake had to have occurred yesterday when I had to borrow my room-mate’s car because my brakes were being replaced (damn ex-gf cut the brakes [not really but it sounds better that way]) So I borrowed Dan’s car, thanks a million for the loaner Dan, and I am driving home on the highway.

I had a hard time figuring out his CD changer because I couldn’t find the remote for it, so once it started to play a CD I just went with it. Unfortunately it was a Britney Spears compilation CD, not the most young black male-esque disc but whatever I just wanted music. So now anyone who has driven on the highway with the windows down knows that you have to turn the radio up louder than you would if on a regular street. So the radio was blaring Britney and sadly it had to be “Oops I did it again” just as I exited the 163N heading to Linda Vista. So not thinking, I am actually bobbing my head to Britney and thinking to myself “Hey this is not the worst thing to listen to on earth” just as I am in the middle of a head knock I look to my right and see 4 guys in a mustang staring at me – yep just my luck while rocking out to Britney I had the misfortune to be spotted by 2 black guys and 2 Hispanics; 3 of whom are wearing bandannas 1 has on a raiders jersey, the others are kicking it in the big ass shirts normally affiliated with gang wear – so basically the stereo-typed gang banger type. I swear it seems like they turned down their radio to make sure they weren’t wrong in what they thought I was listening to. The look of disgust on their faces was almost comical, the only option left for me was to do the slight head nod of recognition, turn my radio down and stare straight ahead with the back of my neck burning with shame.

So though I may not have completely lost my race card, my credit is hanging on by a thin line. It doesn’t matter that as soon as I got home I immediately put on some “gangsta” music the damage was already done!!!


Lyoness said...


Maria Elisa said...

We're not laughing AT you. We're laughing in your general direction. Wait . . . no . . . we're definitely laughing at you.

aarond said...

Dat's not cool! But I understand.

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