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Saturday, June 04, 2005

I must be losing my mind...again!

Ever made a phone call that the minute you made it you wish you hadn’t done so? We always joke about getting Tank the special Australian addition to his phone that would prevent him from calling peeps while drunk. Well I think I may have to get a special device for mine that will let me realize that when I am reaching for my cell phone at 2.30am(with not a drop of alcohol in my system) that something will give me a mild shock to remind me that normal people are asleep; that a girl that is not your girlfriend will not pick up her phone in another city; your boys are not going to want to grab a drink at that time and finally that calling anyone after 2am should not start with the words “My bad I dialed the wrong person” I must be losing my damn mind. Oh quick moment: Why is it that when a guy says “I am just going out with some friends” a girl will get mad/suspicious and the guy has to list every friend he will see or expect to see, but if the guy says “hey who are you going out with?” the girl’s response is a quick snap of “just some friends” and a subject change? It’s not cool to be in other cities and telling friends that are uninvited that you are thinking of throwing a party. I see that now and to all my friends I have ever told of some event I am doing or going to and you had no chance to go or I didn’t invite you, I apologize now!

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