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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ready or NOT!

To the 2 of you that read this blog and even know where to find BET on your cable list; Tell me you didn’t get goose bumps when the curtains went up and you heard “Ready or not here I come…” and saw that the Fugees have reunited and MAY put out an album. That 12 minute set was crazy hype - poor Lauren she sang herself hoarse. The main thing that set served to show though was that more than anyone else, Pras really, really, really needs the group to get back together.


Pride said...

TRUE!! Its funny you mention the "other" guy. I was wondering what purpose he served...maybe he'll show it at some point. Wasn't Lauren mad skinny? She was still sexy though...come on, she's Lauren. "Now the joy; of my world, is in Pr-ide!" LOL

aarond said...

Apparently Pras was supposed to drop his album last week, but it was pushed back till Aug 16th probably cause A. No one remembered who he was, B. No one cared, C. Ride the Fugee reunion hype, D. Seriously Who?

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