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Thursday, October 06, 2005

2 cents re the Cruise Holmes baby affair

So thanks to Tiff I had to throw up a mini blog re this event. So there is much speculation about the Tom/Katie baby and deservedly so. After all his history does not bode well for those thinking that he finally produced a kid: before you say but Cruise has kids (in the words of Lee Corso) not so fast my friend both kids he had with Nicole Kidman are both adopted. He had no children with first wife Mimi Rogers -- though she has since given birth to two children with her present husband. If you believed that the engagement was a sham then it’s easier to believe that the pregnancy is faked. But, do peeps really do that? I can imagine Tom tapping it just to show the world and prove that he is a virile man, but faking an impregnation, artificially inseminating someone because you didn’t want to have sex with her that is just too much for me to believe.
Tiff also reminded me of the fact that Katie had sworn that she was a virgin and would remain that way until marriage. I also remember rumors about Mimi Rogers basically claiming in Playboy that Tom wanted to be a monk and wasn’t that interested in sex.

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Mad Bull said...

So what are you saying, Tom not into the female flesh then? I've heard that before, but not given it much credence. Re the adopted kids, yeah, I knew that too, so I was wondering if Katie gave him a jacket...

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