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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

If she is 4 feet away is it still a lapdance?

Wow they have gone crazy in Seattle. (Ok so I am no fan of strip clubs: I tend to think of them as a waste of money and nothing more than a tease. Why pay a woman $20 bills for her to tease you unmercifully and then walk away.) That is just my pet peeve back to the blog subject: Seattle strip clubs have officially become the worst strip clubs in America. Dancers must be 4 feet away from customers? A customer cannot stuff money into a G-String? You have to use a tip jar to pay the stripper? The lighting must be parking garage bright? No private rooms (how will they do the champagne room sex – wait “no sex in the champagne room”)? What in the blue blazes is this? Anyone who has ever set foot in a strip club knows that the last thing you want to be able to do is clearly see everyone that is near you or around you. And I hate to say this, but many of the women who strip cannot afford harsh light being shone on them, nor can the guys who go to ogle at them. I think this is a case of peeps imposing their morality on other peeps and taking it too far. To be honest they might as well have banned the strip clubs entirely (oh wait they couldn’t do that so they back-doored it).

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Dr. D. said...

4 feet away??? Rahtid, might as well man stay a dem yard and rent couple blue 'bout killin vibes...

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