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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Vikings cruises sound like fun!

So the Vikings just proved that they can’t even score off the field. NFL players paying for sex, hmm where have I heard that before oh right, Cowboys, Knicks, and every team that ever had an athlete visit the Gold Club. Now there is outrage that some of the Vikings apparently took an orgy cruise on Lake Minnetonka. SO? I know I know, it was so bad that the crew brought the ship back early because of lewd behavior, but really is this something that should surprise you. Is this really something that warrants people getting offended? I am not saying encourage the behavior, but no need to go nuts about it, and make it the story on multiple news channels. It hasn’t even been confirmed yet that there were actual orgies if you believe the words of Mwelde Moore "That's crazy. Sex? Come on," not exactly the most impartial witness I know but oh well. Thing is I am tired of peeps pretending that athletes are role models, that ship has sailed. And even if athletes are to some extent role models, what a bunch of consenting adults do on a cruise on a lake would not affect the youth of America if peeps weren’t focusing on it and putting it on the nightly news broadcasts.

So a couple of players got blown on a ship, let’s not blow it out of proportion. (sorry I couldn’t resist)

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Mad Bull said...

Bwoy, this is becoming the American Football Blog! ;-) Get me a Tivo too nuh?

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