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Friday, October 28, 2005!

"The Bible does not say that money is the root of all evil; it says "the LOVE of money is the root of all evil" (I Tim.6:10)." --My Dad! (and a million other preachers)

"It’s funny how money change a situation
Miscommunication leads to complication" --Lost Ones by Lauren Hill

So much drama so little Time --Cali-J.

Tonight should be off the Chain, you know it's a bad costume when you can not even describe it to your parents.

Oh damn, I have realized that I am so addicted to DVR that I am trying to fast forward live TV. Commercials just annoy me now. I am now so used to being able to skip to the parts that I want to see that sometimes I pause a show to walk away so that when I get back I can cut out the bad parts. Tivo also makes crappy shows so much better because now I can fast forward through all the bad parts, you know like Diddy trying to be philosophical.


gigolopete said...

Why the hell did I bring my laptop to the party?

The Monkey Attack Victim said...

I try to fast forward and rewind the radio. DVR has spoiled me.

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