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Monday, October 03, 2005

Not much to say

I had thought about all the funny things I wanted to say about this image, mainly because I wanted to rag on Sean Penn for basically trying to make a tragedy into a photo-op. Bear in mind that he took a personal photographer with him on a "mission of mercy" but I have used up all my creative juices writing an article for the school newspaper. So I leave you with this...when operating a boat meant to rescue peeps find out how to use it first and carry more than a cop to bail it out idiot! I have had this pic for weeks and never got around to posting it so eh here it is.


Angry Dog said...

Bwoy, dem Hollywood types do anything for publicity....u sure seh is not throw the man throwing weh some white rum before the police ketch him?

Shotta M said...

I don't have much to say either. Have a good week and thanks for the help.

CaliIranian said...

I would never have thought that the man who played Spicolli could turn out to be such a dooche.

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