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Sunday, October 16, 2005

When to tell someone you are a virgin...

Funny TV moment: Guy and girl making out, guy looking to take it a bit further…
Girl: “Is this a bad time for me to tell you that I am a virgin”
Guy: “Yes”
Girl: “Ok, when would it have been a good time?”
Guy: Oh I don’t know, maybe before you ordered the lobster!”
---Hot Properties.

So at bar review last night I saw this chic cold clock her man. They were arguing and all of a sudden she hauled off and punched him full in the face. I thought that dude was going to spit teeth the way she made his head snap back. Kind of a shocking moment to see a girl hit a guy that viciously and dead on accurately. Cot Damn the party tonight at the Marriott was bumping; sorry Tiff looks like we went on the wrong night the night before. Will blog more about the Marriott incident later, right now I gotta go off and marinate the jerk pork (no it’s not a dirty line, just some of the best food ever).


smallislandgirl said...

so yuh just going to leave us hanging like that? how long it does take to marinate some jerk pork? just teasing.

Shotta M said...

wow,I hope this weekend I won't be the guy getting hit in the face at this "malpractice ball" my law school is having.

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