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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Why no Replay?

So I saw the end of the Angels-White Sox game and was shocked at the way it ended. I am still amazed at sports that do not use Instant Replay. Why when there is the option to use instant replay do major sports not use it? The game should not have ended, that much is clear from the tv replays. The umpire made the wrong call, yet the main fault is not his, its Bud Selig’s and all those who refuse to be dragged into the 21st century. Replay would not add that much time to games that are already way too long. Heck it might even speed games up since there would be less hesitation on the part of umpires and less need for the overly dramatic screaming in the face antics of Managers.


CaliIranian said...

Let's see, the ump is behind the catcher who is hunched up pretty much in the fetal position in front of the ump, there is no mark in the dirt, and the catcher just threw the ball to the pitcher indicating he caught it... but the ump saw it hit the ground before it went in his glove? koskesh, gende, koonie, ahmag, beesheur, @#$@#!!

Josh said...

Worst call in baseball history! Better not bite the angels in the ass. I'll be pissed.

On a good note, Mike Soccia is a class act. He took the high road and said let's move to the next game. GREAT manager!

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