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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Of live sex shows and exploring...

Sorry for the lack of blogs the Cali-J went Cali exploring…fun state great peeps; thanks to Becky for the lodging.

Live sex shows are now permissible in Oregon! You gotta love this state, if the doctors aren’t playing with their patient’s, their strip clubs have 4 feet away ordinances and now you can watch or put on live sex shows. The ruling has opened up some questions as to which sex shows are permissible and which are not? Bill O’Reilly last night made mention of some woman performing in public and of 2 adults engaging in oral sex in front of children (problem is O’Reilly is a terrible source for news)

What to do when you meet someone that knows about your ex-gf from a former life? Act like you don't care!

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