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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Funny lines and late night TV

Oh man so I tivoed (is that an allowable verb?) In living Color and watching it now I just realized this episode has Jim Carrey doing his Vanilla Ice Impression, it is so damn funny that this episode may have to remain saved for a long time…anyone visiting the house or the near vicinity of the crib is welcome to stop by and have a laugh this is a better parody than SNL ever did.

"Hey baby you are my muffin and if you were a turkey I would give you my stuffing. "

Damn the fly girls were hot! There is this Azn fly girl on screen right now, whoa!

“She can’t see you she is blind” “You mean like republican blind to the problems of the inner city or actually blind?”

Dana Kang: You put super glue in my eye!
David Kang: I thought it was eye drops.
Dana Kang: You fucking blinded me!
David Kang: You should have said something after the first eye... you could still see half the world, bitch!
---Barber Shop the series.

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