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Monday, October 24, 2005

TEXAS is the number ONE team in the nation!

Well sort of! TEXAS has leaped USC in the latest BCS. All is right with the world. Now before peeps start freaking out and claiming bias etc this was done by the computer polls. I have consistently said that TEXAS has being playing like the #1 team but cannot be voted number one because that spot belongs to USC. However if you look at how both teams have played TEXAS is the better team right now. Funny that the poll that agrees with that is the poll that cannot watch the games. But based on just the quality of opponents TEXAS has had the bigger wins and tougher games. USC opponents have had a combined schedule of 22 wins and 28 losses while TEXAS’ opponents have gone 31 and 18.

Funny my bro the USC alum will not answer my calls today.

Who the hell is voting Virginia Tech #1? No one can tell me that VA tech is better than both TEXAS and USC that’s ludicrous.


Angry Dog said...

V-Tech #1? Hell no!

Anonymous said...

Yes, except USC still has to play another top 8 team in UCLA, that will put USC back on top.

aarond said...

Oh there is no doubt in my mind that USC will be back to #1 but for now I am happy to see something that has never happened for us!And it was all done w/o Mack Brown having to coach the media as well as the team

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