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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Food for days...

1 and a ½ pound chicken chopped in small cubes
1 pound pork chopped in small cubes
4 Chinese sausages chopped in small cubes
5 eggs
3 cups rice
5 large carrots
Freshly chopped Green onions, ginger and garlic
Various seasonings: You know what that gives you? Some rather heavyweight fried rice. I may have been Azn in a past life because I found myself roaming the supermarket at 3am after the gym last night in search of rice so that I could make sure that I cooked the rice far enough in advance to let it rest before frying. Thanks to Minh for turning me onto the joy of cooking Fried rice. Sorry chica I refuse to add salt like you do. At the start of the cooking process I had so much meat in the pot that I was uncertain how I was going to get the rice in, but then I remembered that meat always shrinks while cooking and I also have a huge black wok. Say this to yourself 5 times fast: “The Cali-j has a huge black wok”


Lyoness said...

i dont add salt dear....its the Maggi seasoning...

aarond said...

I stand corrected for disparaging your name. Though in my defense, based on your/our eating habits suspicions of added salt are usually a safe bet.

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